Biome-Interactive for Seamless ESLint and Prettier Migration

A Simple Interactive CLI to Install Biome and Migrate from ESLint and Prettier


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Biome-Interactive for Seamless ESLint and Prettier Migration

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Managing multiple side projects and open-source initiatives can be quite a task, especially when they rely on different package managers like Yarn, pnpm, or Bun. Consistently migrating these projects from ESLint and Prettier to Biome, though straightforward, often becomes time-consuming. This led me to explore a more efficient solution.

Introducing biome-interactive

Biome-Interactive is a command-line interface (CLI) developed to simplify the migration process to Biome. Built using charmbracelet/huh and Golang, this tool provides a seamless and straightforward way to both install Biome and migrate settings from ESLint and Prettier with just a single command.

Why Biome?

Biome offers several advantages:

  • Speed: Biome is significantly faster, reducing the time spent in continuous integration (CI) and during development.

  • Compatibility: With a high compatibility rate with Prettier, Biome ensures a smooth transition without extensive configuration.

  • Efficiency: Reduces the overhead on your development machine, making it easier and faster to run builds and tests.

How Biome-Interactive Works

Biome-interactive is built with the user in mind. It requires minimal setup and guides you through the process with interactive prompts.

  1. Installation:

     curl -sf | sh
  2. Usage: Once installed, simply run biome-interactive in your terminal. The tool will guide you through the prompt to initialize Biome and migrate your existing ESLint and Prettier settings.





    Biome-interactive is a simple tool to make developers' lives easier, saving time and eliminating manual migrations. Give it a try, and let me know if you have any thoughts or comments.

Cheer and Happy Coding!